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What are the Benefits of Handmade Jewellery vs Mass Manufactured Jewellery?

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

What are the benefits of handmade jewellery vs mass manufactured jewellery?

1. Better quality. The major benefit of buying handmade jewellery is that it is higher in quality than mass manufactured or machine-molded jewellery. One of the most common problems with machine made jewellery is that precious stones aren’t securely set. When professional setters set gems they set each one individually taking its shape and size into account. Errors that occur when making mass jewellery may result in pieces being faulty or not practical, some of these errors will only surface after some time of wear. There is definitely more attention to deal and thought put into each piece when it comes to handmade jewellery. You are also more certain that the materials used in handmade jewellery are of high quality.

2. Focus on the product. A jeweller making handmade pieces has a reputation to protect and will take meticulous care to produce jewellery that exceeds your expectation. Jewellers want to be proud of their work and they get pleasure from the process itself and human interactions involved rather than from figures on their balance sheet. Larger retail stores, on the other hand, target the masses and their core focus lies with the profits rather than the product.

3. Ethical business. Avid jewellers stay away from harmful practices such as the use of underaged or underpaid labour and prefer trustworthy suppliers, because at their core they are artists who want to create beauty and do not want to get involved with criminal activities invented by people trying to generate wealth at any cost. In fact, handmade jewellery is often made by a single individual and the choices he/she make are likely to depend on their core values.

4. Direct purchase. And finally, remember that when you buy handmade jewellery you deal directly with passionate individuals, professionals, and artists who want to achieve perfection every time they make a piece. Moreover, you can be sure that the money you pay goes directly to people who make the product and choose to run an ethical business.

Not surprisingly, professionals in the jewellery industry unanimously agree that handmade jewellery is the best.

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