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As a small woman owned and operated business Valeria's Secret is inspired to leave as little environmental impact as possible. Sustainability underpins everything I do.


I use recycled materials wherever I can, including precious metals, paper and plastics. I am also proud to maintain close links to a hub of local suppliers and specialists whose goods and services I use wherever possible. Since my jewellery is handmade, it is crafted in a small workshop which gives me full control over practices implemented and materials used.

I do not follow fast fashion trends, but instead choose to make jewellery which with careful wear will last for many years to come.

Read more about sustainable jewellery production here.

Our Metas

There are three accepted options for responsibly sourced precious metals, these are Fairtrade metals, Fairmined metals, or 100% recycled metals. These choices affect positive change in the industry.

Our suppliers of precious metals are part of the Heimerle + Meulle Group. Heimerle + Meulle are approved by the London Bullion Market Association (LMBA), a global authority on precious metals. They work to protect the supply chain of precious metals, including measures to combat illegal and human rights abuses globally. They supply 100% recycled and ethically sourced precious metals.

Our Gemstones

Stone supply chains are more complicated than metals as there are fewer established certification systems in place. There are some accreditation schemes for diamonds, but currently none for other gemstones. 

There is no formal third-party assurance to back up claims made by gemstone suppliers, which means that purchasing responsibly sourced gemstones requires developing an open dialogue with gemstone suppliers.


There are three main options for responsibly sourced stones. These are:

  • stones that have been tracked and ideally certified with a known mine origin and verified standards;

  • recycled/reclaimed/vintage stones and;

  • lab created stones.


I only buy lab grown gemstones or ethically sourced mined gemstones from trusted suppliers. I make effort getting to know my suppliers, their values, meeting them in person when possible, and asking for evidence of ethical gem sourcing.

Our Packaging

Our gift boxes are made from Eco friendly packaging. This means the glue, cardboard and paper used to make them are all 100% Eco friendly. We are working to ensure other aspects of our packaging are also environmentally friendly; such as the use of 100% biodegradable storage bags for our loose materials.

I only use postage boxes that are made from recycled paper and work paperless wherever possible in the office. I look out for recycled and environmentally friendly options and continually upgrade how I do things to be a low impact, environmentally conscious and sustainable jewellery brand.

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