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Sustainable fine jewellery handcrafted by Valeria.


14K or 18K Solid White, Yellow, or Rose Gold stud earrings. Classic martini setting with 4 prongs. Push back or Screw back.


These natural Ethiopian Opal earrings are truly unique beause they were almost entirely made by women. The stones were mined in a sustainable mine in Ethiopia where only women work. This mine and gem cutting facilities have been created to support the local community by providing jobs for women. Later the gems were set in these beautiful earrings by a female jeweller, owner of Valeria's Secret.


Our suppliers do not use third party supply chain to acquire products or to find out about the traceability and the manner of harvest as they, directly go to the artisanal miners and pay fair market value for the fruit of their labor. This type of business practice helps the locals earn more money for their work and also helps insure that products are traceable, ethically mined and that no forced or child labor was used.


The earrings come with a Certificate of Authenticity and a velvet jewellery box.


Stone: Natural Ethiopian Opal

Size: 5mm

Weight: 0.30ct / 0.60ctw

Shape: Classic round brilliant cut

Luster: AA+

Treatment: No treatment

Product weigth: 0.80 g.


14K and 18K Solid Gold does not tarnish or change its colour and it holds its value for years to come. High karat solid gold jewellery is the most eco-friendly jewellery because it doesn't end up in landfills, it is 100% recyclable. We take sustainability very seriously, therefore our jewellery making techniques are sustainable, and only ethically sourced gemstones and metals are used to make each piece.

Ethiopian Opal Martini Stud Earrings 5mm (0.60ctw)

  • These natural Ethiopian faceted opals from the Welo opal minefields are truly stunning-beautifully clear and sparkly with amazing opalescence. Vibrant flashes of fire run through these semi-precious gems; greens, blues, ultra-violets and reds. These opals look particularly special when held in the light and their true opal fire radiates from within and dances across their surfaces. These little gems are simply magical - a unique gem that will delight!


Earth Friendly


Recycled Gold


Free Delivery


One Year Warranty

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